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Property Manager Features


Property Managers can create and send invoices for maintenance, special projects, water-bill, cess, etc. You are notified when each invoice is paid.

Complaints Management

Keep abreast of all requests and complaints submitted by property owners. Administrators can edit, update and action requests as they appear.

Online Meeting Management

Schedule strata/community meetings, create polls for voting, view meeting notes, recordings, chat with other members of your community.

Owners and Units

Property Managers can update the owners and unit details across the strata/community.

Incidents & Alerts

Incidents and alerts that are created by owners can be viewed, staged and addressed in good time. The system archives resolved incidents for auditing purposes.

Access Control

Manage access for property owners.

e-Payment Support

Get a detailed view of the financial status of your strata/community from your dashboard view.

Multi-Strata Management

Manage several stratas/communities with a single account. The strata/communities and their respective data are separated and can be access with a single click.


Electronically update the community bulletin board. The latest bulletin posts are accessible via the home screen of the dashboard.

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