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PropMan is the all in one solution to manage stratas/communities.



Electronic Bulletin

Keep your community up to date. Posting a bulletin is easy.

Document Management

Handle all documents related to your community in one place.

Incident Management

Create and share incidents in your community.

and Invoice

Add, manage and share strata/community expenses in PropMan.

Multi-Strata Management

Manage multiple properties in PropMan without conflicts.


PropMan users can create, update and share invoices for expenses related to their communities.

Online Payments

Each invoice that is sent to your user account is payable through the platform. CommunityWeb Accepts credit and debit cards.

Online Meeting

The platform allows Property Managers to schedule meetings, manage user access and share meeting notes/minutes.

QR Scanner

Grant access to your community via QR codes that can only be scanned by security personnel registered to PropMan.

Online Voting/Polling

Manage community affairs fairly with our built in voting tools.

Security Alerts

Manage the safety of your home with real time alert updates.

Request Management

Create, manage and complete requests related to the community, amenities and strata documents.

Visitor Management

Schedule visits before hand to give your visitors easy access.

User Management

Manage access and account activity easily with property administrators.

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