PropMan is an innovative full-service digital property and community management Solution designed to make managing their property easier therefore securing their homes and investments.

PropMan through the use of different applications, creates management tools for various tasks, including but not limited to security management, community engagement, maintenance scheduling, financial affairs management, general administration, detailed record keeping and compliance. This solution provides the peace of mind needed to relax knowing that your property is being efficiently managed.

The benefits of PropMan are that it allows for greater management efficiency, accountability, transparency, provides automated communication, facilitates online payments, Real time Alerts, facilitates Meetings, Chats & polls. It merges different applications and management functions in one space.

This solution was designed for residence of gated communities, strata corporations, property managers, landlords and commercial entities with several tenants.

No, this is a digital management tool.

The users are Property Managers, Administrative group in a gated or strata Corporation, Security personnel, the proprietors and tenants. This is an interactive solution that provides different users with different functionalities.

A. See the pricing schedule on our website at www.propmanweb.com for more details.
B. Discounts are provided with free trial periods. This is bundled based on the package selected.
C. Payment periods may vary for your convenience – Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually with discounts up to 17% .

No direct or additional cost to the residence. This is paid for by your governing body HOA or Strata Corporation.

The Visitors Management tool – now your guest does not have to wait in long lines at the gate, a QR Code can be generated and sent to your guest’s cellphone to scan for immediate access. Easy payment and receipting options when handing Maintenace payments and more comfort and ease due to tighter security, quicker actions to control unauthorized activities or highlighting suspicious characters with the use of the community chat or real time alerts.

Yes, training & technical support will be provided.

PropMan was created by VM Innovations Limited and delivered by VM Property Services.

Absolutely! Propman has a built-in feature that allows you to immediately submit recommendations or report issues. This is done through the "Give Feedback " on our site.

PropMan supports the following devices: Android, IOS

Yes, you can cancel anytime without paying any penalty. However, your account will still be active until the end of the subscription period, as monthly subscription payments are non-refundable.

As many as desired. Built with capacity that your entire property management team, tenants, and owners can all be onboarded to PropMan and use it at the same time.

PropMan is available 24 hours, so you can access it as often as you wish and even via your mobile phone.

I have more questions.

Email: support@propmanweb.com

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